About FAMILE-About Us-

Revolutionizing the fashion industry in Shizuoka!

What is Famir
“Fumée” and “loup” in French
It is a coined word.

Its meaning is wolf smoke.

That's right, it's the smoky smoke of "Raise the smoke!"

The beginning of a major event such as a revolution or riot,
It is meaningful to express as an action that triggers or confronts something.

Vintage Bland Gallery FAMILE is
It was opened to change the fashion and brand purchasing industry in Shizuoka.

This is a big challenge.
And on February 22, 2020, the smoky fire had risen!

From Shizuoka to the world

Even in the brand purchasing industry where many large companies are active
FAMILE is still a young company.

At the timing of new entry into this industry
The company name "FAMILE" was born.

Of course fashion and brands,
Encountering the good old vintage items is a real pleasure of the second-hand industry.

Determine the value of the product with your own eyes,
We will buy it after the customer is satisfied.
We will also provide it to customers who demand that value.

I am confident that this feeling is second to none.

We provide a space where visitors can be excited
We are waiting for you with satisfying products and customer service.

And to vintage brand fans all over the world
We will provide a service that you can enjoy.