Legal notice

Store name

Vintage Brand Gallery FAMILE

Distributor name

Famille Company Co., Ltd.

Administration person in charge


The location

〒422-8004 2, Kuniyoshida, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 1-5



Product name, rate

I list it in the page of the product

Necessary rate except the product price

In the case of bank transfer, it is a transfer fee

Consumption tax

10% of consumption tax rate
Tax-included price

Order method

Shopping cart

Sales figures

Stock is only for it

Means of payment

Credit card, bank transfer

Shipment time of the product

After bank transfer, postal savings transfer ⇒ receipt of money confirmation, I send it out for less than three business days.
After credit card payment ⇒ order confirmation, I send it out for less than three business days.
※Because there is a case not to attach by an exception as above in the consecutive holidays, for a busy season, approve it.

Delivery rate

Local ⇒ 800 yen except Okinawa
Okinawa ⇒ 1,600 yen
Handling ⇒ remote island, some areas of remote island and others may cost the additional postage.

International shippings
[supplier] EMS
[remarks] After having had you order it about the postage, the packing measures the weight that I included in our store and guides you by an email separately. The postage sets it every weight.
※When I send it out with an international package, depending on some handling products, there is it.

Please select this option to use Rakuten International Shipping Service. Total amount include shipping fee will be advised from this shop later for your order confirmation by e-mail.
※We ship some items by postal parcel Air.

About returned goods
  • All the brand-name products handling in our store are regular articles. Correspondence をさせていただきます which I refund by any chance after having judged it again when I relate to a thing judged to be suspicious as a regular article.
  • Approve returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor beforehand as a general rule because you cannot accept it.
  • Dimensions, the weight is measured exactly, but there is the case that there are some errors in. Please buy returned goods, the exchange with some errors of dimensions, the weight in understanding it beforehand because I do not accept it.
  • When a color varies according to a monitor or the setting of the errand slightly and sees it, there is the publication photograph. Because you do not accept it, approve returned goods, the exchange with the errors of misunderstanding, the color of the color beforehand.
  • Please let me know kindly to our store within one week after the arrival to the product by any chance because you cope immediately when a thing unlike the product of the order reaches it.
  • Because you do not perform it at all, approve repair, the exchange of the product beforehand.
  • Approve returned goods, the exchange under any circumstance when remodeling, a custom, a wound relates to the thing which I judged when a state changes in comparison with the product purchase because you cannot accept it.
  • When you relate to the product which passed, please purchase one week or more in what you understand beforehand because you return goods and cannot cope after the arrival to the product under any circumstance.
  • Approve the repayment more than a discount, a purchase amount of money after the purchase under any circumstance because you cannot accept it at all.
  • In the case of returned goods, the postage, a transfer fee, the collect on delivery fee becomes outside a repayment object.
  • Returned goods contact information
    A phone number: 0120-76-6650
    An e-mail address:
Dealer in secondhanded articles business number The Shizuoka Public Safety Commission 491130002513th